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Inter-Branch Maths Olympiad -

Inter-Branch Maths Olympiad

In the academic year 2015 – 2016 International Turkish Hope School has organized and seen tremendous success through inter-school and inter-campus Olympiads for Bangla and Science. So, to wrap up this highly productive and motivational year, we arranged our first ever Mathematics Olympiad on the 23rd of April, 2016 at the Boy’s Section auditorium in ITHS Uttara Branch. The competition was organized by the math department of ITHS, and approximately 500 students from grade 3, 4, and 5 from all four campuses, i.e. Uttara, Gulshan, Bogra, and Chittagong partook in the event.

The importance of Math is immense not only now, rather for as long as the world sustains. The whole universe is a big sum. We cannot think of passing a single day without using mathematical knowledge. Thus, inspiring our students in Mathematics is one of the primary goals of the competition.

The Math Olympiad was divided into three rounds. In the 1st round, which was our selection stage, 20 students from each grade and campus were chosen for the next round. Around 200 students in total were selected, who then competed in the 2nd round in order to move onto the 3rd and final round. Each group in the final round consisted of one student from grade 3, one student from grade 4 and two students from grade 5. Finally, four teams of extremely bright minds from four branches of ITHS competed in an intense and exhilarating final round.

All the excitement that was built up during the competition came to a celebratory end when the names of the winners were announced. It was an enticing neck to neck hard battle between Gulshan and Uttara Branch in the Final Round. Gulshan Branch ended up securing the championship in the Final Round whereas Uttara Branch was in the 2nd position. And Chittagong and Bogra held 3rd and 4the position respectively.

Through our first ever Math Olympiad, we devotedly intend to extend our horizon in home and abroad. Moreover, in the future, ITHS anticipates organizing Olympiads which will not only be limited to Bangla, Math, and Science, but will also involve other subjects in the curriculum. And, to make the events even more competitive we hope to upgrade them to inter-school Olympiads. In addition to these, we also plan to hold Spelling Bee Competitions in a much larger aspect in the near future.

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