ITHS celebrated THE BANGLA NEW YEAR-1423

Bangla New Year, 1423

The recorded temperature on April 14, 2016 was 37 degrees Celsius, but that did not stop Bengalis from leaving the comfort of their home to share their excitement and love with others as they welcomed the new Bengali year 1423. On this day, Bengalis around the globe rise with the sun to celebrate the day that marks the beginning of the Bengali calendar. This celebration is incomplete without traditional platters of leftover rice soaked in water (pantabhaat), hilsha fish, dried fish (shutki), pickles and green chilies, and fairs! Hence, keeping in mind the enthusiasm Bengali people share, International Turkish Hope School organizes an alluring fair every year on Pohela Boishakh to celebrate this special day.

Like every year, this Boishakhi Mela had everything to entertain its vast audience. Several stalls were set up in the basketball court of the ITHS Uttara Campus, which were superbly handled and coordinated by the School Management. Due to the increase in the number of willing participants, stalls were also set in the playground adjacent to the basketball court. Various items such as delicious pithas, sweets, wide range of traditional Bengali food items, exotic Turkish delights, chilled drinks, dazzling jewelries, beautiful salwar suits and sarees, quality carpets, stationeries, toys, beauty products, and several others were available for purchase. The students looked elated as they hopped from stall to stall buying their favorite items, played around their very own drum (dhol) and bounced in the inflated bouncy castle. The highlight of the whole fair was hands-down, the crowd. An overwhelming number of people dressed in red and white flooded the campus area, some with seasonal flower crowns on their head, some with gorgeous henna art on their hands. Everyone looked content as they left the venue wearing broad smiles on their faces, and treasuring quality memories of the mela

International Turkish Hope School values the Bengali culture and strives to create a stronger bond between its students and their roots, preparing them for the challenges in the outside world. Therefore, the ITHS family will continue to organize such events in the hopes of educating its students and, also, bringing all the people in our community together in joyous harmony.

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