ITHS Won Another Medal In Indonesia - International Turkish Hope School

ITHS Won Another Medal In Indonesia

Bangladesh secured the third position in 3rd ISPrO (International Science Project Olympiad) Indonesia 2015 in Environment Category and won bronze medal. Bushra Anwar Ador and Aniqa Anan Niha, students from International Turkish Hope School represented Bangladesh and brought this glory to our country. Their research focused on how to protect the body from all the harmful effects of the pollutions in the environment. They believe that since all the pollutions cannot be completely overcome in today's world, antioxidants are the saviors and body shields against all the disease caused by pollutions. Since all the people of our country cannot afford the expensive antioxidant rich foods, they carried out an experiment with the very cheap and common vegetables of our country to find the antioxidant contents in them. They proved that some very common Bangladeshi vegetables contain huge amounts of antioxidants. Mr.Ahmad Jazidie, Ministry of Education and Culture Director General of Secondary Education of Republic of Indonesia was present at the award ceremony and distributed the medals to the students.

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