Sports Day (Games & Fun) 2015 - International Turkish Hope School

Sports Day (Games & Fun) 2015

Sports are an essential part of our education and it is crucial for a child's social, emotional, physical, and cognitive growth. Like the previous years the “Annual Sports of PG to KG 2” of International Turkish Hope School, Uttara Preschool Section has been celebrated on Saturday, 18thApril ’2015 at two different places. For Kindergarten it was held in the indoor basketball court of its grandcampus and for PG and Nursery, Auditorium of Uttara Preschool and Junior Section. It was a sunny bright morning.


A large number of attending parents were captivated by the excellent drill performance of the students from PG to KG 2. Surely students’ performances brightened the day gracefully and theparent’sattendance enlightened this colorful event.Along with the students’, parents played different games as well which made the day more eventful.


    Events of the day were:


  • Race
  • Frog Jump
  • Sack Race
  • Potato Picking Race
  • In out
  • Biscuit Race
  • Musical Chair


We strongly believe that such programme will always foster student’s extra-curricular skills. The spontaneous presences of parents are an encouragement for both teachers and the little wards.

All the participants along with the teachers and parents enjoyed a lot during the day. The program concluded at 12.30 pm.

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