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ITHS celebrated THE BANGLA NEW YEAR-1422

Today was the first day of the Bangla New Year, 1422. Like any other national and International events ITHS had a grand celebration to welcome the most significant day of the Bangla Calendar.

It was the Boishakhi Fair that was organized at the outer premises of ITHS Main Campus. Considering the heat of summer, the basketball ground was pandeled to set up a good number of stalls for the enthusiastic stallholders who are mostly the parents and teachers of this institution. But to meet up the demand some more stalls were to be found along the walkway towards the Senior Branch from the main gate.

The fair kicked off at 10 am and ended at 3 pm. The items available for sale at the stalls included the local and international foods, traditional costumes, drinks and jewelries etc. It was a colorful environment with women adorned in saris and men clad in panjabis; red being the dominant color. Traditional Bangla songs were played and it further enhanced the exuberance of the festivity.

The invigorating festivity ended in an astounding way to welcome the upcoming year.

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