4th Science Project Contest and 2nd Scientists’ Expo, 2017

The 4th science project contest and 2nd scientists’ expo was held on Saturday 18th November 2017 in the senior girls section, Uttara. This event, where 55 science projects and 32 scientists were exhibited by the students of senior ITHS girls, was a day for innovation and creativity.

Science projects were presented by the students of class 7 – 12 while the scientists’ expo was carried out by class 6 students. All the students participated with full enthusiasm and dynamism to present their works.  In the scientists’ expo, class 6 students explained the life and works of the 32 scientists even dressing up as these famous scientists. With their hands on experience with science, most of the projects were demonstrated practically by the senior students. Science projects were categorized in three different subjects; physics, chemistry and biology. Outstanding projects will be awarded based on their presentation, ingenuity and prospective benefit to mankind.

Overall it was a successful event which displayed the immense potential of our hardworking and dedicated students of ITHS girls.

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