ITHS Gulshan Primary Science Fair 2017

ITHS Gulshan Primary Annual Science Fair 2017 was held on 18th November 2017 in the school premises. It was a competition where contestants presented their science projects, results in the form of display board, and or models that they have prepared. There were 80 projects and 200 participants in 2017-18 academic year. The motive of this science fair of ITHS was for primary students to answer questions or tasks, not from a textbook but found out themselves by conducting a range of experiments and ongoing research in a month of time allocated to them. In order that the questions or tasks spark a true interest in the student so that they were able to have an interesting, eye catching projects portrayed on display boards and models with improved communication between students, teachers and visitors. This year 14 members of IEEE BUET student branch were the guest judges for this competition.

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