ITHS senior students became the champion in the National Round of Biology Olympiad

We congratulate Nazia Islam, ITHS Chittagong Branch Senior Class 12A student, for her championship in the National Round of Bangladesh Biology Olympiad. Participants from different districts of Bangladesh who had previously been selected in the Regional Round had taken part. She became the Champion in the Higher Secondary Category. The students that have been selected here will participate in another round ‘Biocamp’ where four students in total will be selected for the International Biology Olympiad.

After going through three tough rounds, attended the National Biocamp 2017, there were 19 participants chosen from ten thousand all across the country. In the final round, 4 were to be selected to attend the International Biology Olympiad 2017, to be held in England. Bayezid, Uttara Senior Boys Section student was among this 'fantastic four', who got selected and is entrusted to represent our Country in the global arena. We wish him all the best and hope that he can make a difference, when the need arises!

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