Once again, ITHS garnered the medals

Once again, the students of International Turkish Hope School secured the first positions in both the O’ and A’ Level categories of the 8th Biochemistry Olympiad. The Biochemistry Olympiad is an annual event organized by the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department of the Dhaka University (DU).

This achievement has become a marker of academic success for ITHS and in line with the previous Olympiads, the students of ITHS Senior Boys’ and Girls’ Sections demonstrated their aptitude in the 2017 Biochemistry Olympiad.

Najia Sharmeen of Grade 12 took the top position for the A’ Level individual category and significantly contributed in her school becoming the best performing institution in the A’ Level category.

In the O’ Level individual category, Ishtiaqul Hoque took the top position; Aniqa Anan Niha and Wasi Iqbal secured the second and third position respectively. These results ensured that ITHS obtained the best performing institution award in the O’ Level category as well.

The Chairman, Mr. Bedrettin Suata, and the Principal, Mr. Yavuz Koca congratulated the students at a reception held as a token of appreciation of their efforts.

We recognize the extraordinary achievement of our students and wish them ever-growing success.

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