Annual Teachers' Workshop Held at ITHS

International Turkish Hope School conducted a professional development workshop for its teachers on December 27th, 28th and 29th in the main campus at Uttara. The extensively planned three-day workshop saw the participation of some 180 teachers from the Junior, Primary, Middle and Senior sections including the school’s Gulshan and Chittagong branches.

Following the inaugural speech by the Principal Mr. Yavuz Koca and Vice Principal, Mr. Mehmet Cetin at the ITHS Auditorium, the workshop commenced with a presentation by Mr. Hakan Gokalp, the Deputy Head of Middle Section on the pioneering software system adopted by the school. The hands-on practical workshop dealt with issues such as Differentiation, Behavior Management, Skill Building Efficacy and Excellent Teaching and required the teachers to work together in groups, brainstorm the challenges they face and engage with fellow colleagues on ways to tackle these concerns.

This arrangement of ITHS annual Teachers’ workshop was not a one-shot event but rather the beginning or continuation of a long term relationship of support between teachers and the school management in their joint quest to facilitate the needs of all students.

After the final session on Teacher Appraisal methods and expectations, participating teachers’ were awarded certificates and treated to a BBQ lunch on the rooftop of the campus.

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