Science Project Contest

On the 26th of November, ITHS senior girl's section organized the most spectacular exhibition in Dhaka!
Students showcased their talent and intelligence by exhibiting world class projects that would solve global issues. Judges came from all over Dhaka and even from some respected universities such as North South University to see our wealth of innovation.
Students were judged mainly by their strength of innovation and they didn't disappoint! Some of the mentions worthy project are:

1. Neem-based Natural Air cooler
2. Biodegradable plastic from banana peels
3. Cheap ways to filter water
4. Smart street lights powered by piezoelectric discs.
5. Homemade Quadcopter
6. Automated road cleaners
7. Automated watering system for crops
8. Solar powered rickshaw
9. How cinnamon prevents Alzheimer's disease
10. Homemade pesticide

Some students are already planning to implement these ideas to solve environmental issues. On the other hand, some students plan on taking their inventions to the international platforms such as Genius Olympiad, Google Science fair, INESPO etc.
We all have a creative mind that is capable of performing above expectations. All we need is a little encouragement. Hopefully, our girls will make us proud by pushing the limits of science with these kinds of breakthroughs.

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