Class 3-4 Parents Fun Show

An evening full of fun and activities with Class 3 Parents
ITHS is always a step ahead in engaging not only the children into constructive activities, but also the parents into the affair as an aim to unite the teachers and the parents and deliver the maximum to the students. On 20 November, Class-3 students, parents and teachers united under one roof for the annual fun show 2016. Teachers accompanied the parents in various games organized by the school throughout the entire evening, while ITHS Uttara Junior Section Management was present to participate in the show. The fun filled event concluded with dinner on the rooftop garden with the parents, children and students enjoying a scrumptious meal.

An evening with Class 4 Parents full of fun and merriment
ITHS has always accentuated the importance of creating and maintaining a strong bond with its parents. Every year our school organizes some events for parents. Like the previous year, also this year ITHS arranged the Parents’ Fun Show to engage all the parents in fun and interactive activities. This arrangement has always proved to be a wonderful opportunity for them to interact with other parents and teachers more informally. On November 21, 2016, all the parents of Class 4 were cordially invited to join this annual event in the Junior Section auditorium.  The enthusiasm among parents was hard to miss as everyone so eagerly participated in all the exciting games that were arranged by the fun show coordinators. The event concluded with the parents, teachers, and students enjoying ambrosial dishes on the exquisitely decorated rooftop.

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